A Grant Fund for Museums

The Iowa Museum Association supports the creation of a substantial grant fund which would provide opportunities for leveraged investment in museums and support the work of museums in every county in Iowa.

Museums are EDUCATORS
•    Education is a core activity for all museums. 
•    Museums are located in every county in Iowa.
•    Iowa museums are playing a key role in providing tools to enable educators to implement Iowa Social Studies Standards.
•    Teaching with primary sources is an educational best practice.
•    Iowa's museums are stewards of primary sources.

ECONOMIC IMPACT is a core benefit from the museum industry.
Visitors bring a multi-million-dollar benefit to Iowa.
•    Museums create jobs and keep young professionals in Iowa.
•    Main Street redevelopment made possible by museum stewardship of historic buildings is revitalizing communities.
•    Museums attract business and investment to communities.

A Grant Fund to Support the Iowa Museum Industry is Needed

•    Iowa boasts over 400 museums throughout the state.
•    Museums provide educational programming for all ages and interests.
•    Stewardship of historic resources and built environment leverages economic development and jobs.
•    Job creation can be enhanced with investment in capacity building.