Iowa Four Corners Fund

The Iowa Museum Association is working with legislators to create the Iowa Four Corners Fund administered by a citizen-driven Iowa Museum Commission in conjunction with the Iowa Museum Association. 

Successful state models for citizen driven commissions or public/private partnerships include the DOT Commission, STEM Initiative, Board of Regents, and the Iowa Council on Foundations.

The Iowa Four Corners Fund would generate opportunities for leveraged investment in museums in all four corners of Iowa supporting the work of museums in every county in Iowa.

A Fund to Support Museums is Needed
•    Iowa boasts over 400 museums (of all sizes) in every county in the state.
•    Museums are the only remaining source of identity for many communities—but they are struggling.
•    Iowa loses one or two museums each year.
•    Loss of museums = loss of Iowa history.

Museums are EDUCATORS
•    Education is a core activity for all museums. 
•    Museums are located in every county in Iowa – in ALL FOUR CORNERS.
•    Iowa museums are playing a key role in implementing the new state law requiring Iowa history to be taught in all grade levels.
•    Teaching with primary sources is an educational best practice.
•    Iowa's museums are the stewards of our history and primary sources - photographs, documents, and artifacts.

ECONOMIC IMPACT is a core benefit from the museum industry.
•    Visitors bring a multi-million-dollar benefit to many Iowa communities.
•    Museums hiring staff creates jobs and keeps young professionals in Iowa
•    Main Street redevelopment made possible by museum stewardship of historic buildings is revitalizing communities.
•    Museums attract business and investment to communities