Year 'round advocacy

Advocacy is the sum total of multiple activities by many individuals throughout the year.

The museum board, volunteers, staff, and members advocate for their museum when they share the story of their museum within their community and encourage understanding and support of the museum's mission, or when the museum's newsletter and activities are shared with state or national legislators.

Advocacy occurs when museum supporters "Talk Tourism" as encouraged by the Travel Federation of Iowa.

The Iowa Museum Association annually sponsors Iowa Museum Week.  Learn more about the impact of Iowa's museums.

The American Association of Museums annually sponsors Museum Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.  Museum supporters may participate by traveling to the event or by contacting legislators via phone or e-mail. 

Two new groundbreaking reports from the American Alliance of Museums

reveal indisputable evidence that museums contribute more to the United States economy than previously thought and have widespread public support that transcends political affiliations and geographic locations.

The first study,
Museums as Economic Engines, reveals that museums support 726,000 jobs in the United States, and directly employ 372,100 people--more than double that of the professional sports industry.

The second report,
Museums & Public Opinion, examines the opinions of Americans concerning museums and shows 96 percent would approve of elected officials who act to support museums, including maintaining or increasing federal funding. 

Learn more about these reports and download your free copies today.

Make it a point to advocate for your museum and your industry.