Job Postings.
IMA posts job openings.  There is no charge to IMA members to post job openings.  Non-IMA members must join IMA in order to submit their openings.  For membership fees, contact Director@iowamusems.org    In the interests of transparency and to encourage equitable hiring practices as outlined by the American Alliance of Museums, IMA requires any jobs posted in the IMA Career Center to include compensation information such as a salary or salary range.  Internships that are unpaid must include this fact in the listing.  Send job openings to Director@iowamuseums.org

Member or Non-member pricing:

If your organization is a member of the IMA you may pay the lower member price for any IMA event.  All staff, volunteers, board members and student interns of an IMA member organization are considered members of the IMA.  However, your group member administrator must add you to the organizational roster in order for you to receive the discounted member price when you register on-line. 

Who May Join IMA:
Anyone who is interested in Iowa's museums is welcome to join the IMA.  We encourage students, museum volunteers, board members, and staff members to join and become active participants in the Iowa Museum Association.  We encourage businesses and consultants who provide services or products to Iowa's museums to sponsor and support the activities of the association on behalf of its members. Membership rates are available for museums, students, individuals, businesses, consultants, and college/university departments. 

Membership Term:

IMA membership is renewable annually.  Dues should be paid before December 31.  Membership lapses at the end of the calendar year.   Invoices are posted in October annually and may be paid either by mailing a check or by credit card.  If paying by credit card, the organization's designated Group Member Administrator must sign in and pay the renewal invoice. 

Membership Rates:
Membership dues are based on organizational budget.  More information here.  Membership rates are available for museums, students, individuals, businesses, consultants, and college/university departments.  

Renewing Membership:
To renew annual membership in the IMA, ask your designated Group Member Administrator to sign in at www.iowamuseums.org  Group Member Administrators:  (1) Sign in.  (2) Click "My Member Home Page"  (3) Look lower left at "My Organizations"  (4) Click on the organization for which you are Group Member Administrator  (5)  See the "Renew" button.

Methods of Communication:
The IMA communicates at least monthly with its members through an e-mail alert system.  Upon joining the IMA, individuals should subscribe to the e-mail alerts or, if they receive an e-mail invitation to subscribe to the e-mail list, accept it.  The invitation must be accepted in order to receive communication from the IMA.  All communication from IMA, including the quarterly e-newsletter, renewal invoices, and general information, is shared electronically.  Multiple members of each IMA member organization are encouraged to subscribe to the IMA e-mail alert system so information is widely disseminated.

Additional questions?  Email us at Director@iowamuseums.org