IMA Anniversary Recognition Certificate

Application for Anniversary Recognition

The Iowa Museum Association recognizes IMA member organizations celebrating significant milestones in their organization’s history.

Organizations may apply to be recognized for a 25-year, 50-year, 75-year, or 100-year organizational anniversary.

Organizations over 100 years, please contact the IMA to arrange suitable recognition for your significant anniversary.

1.    Executive Director or Board/Trustee Executive Committee members must apply for a certificate.
2.    Application is due by July 15th in the year recognition is desired.  Fill out and return to
3.    The organization applying must be an IMA member in good standing both the year of application and the year the certificate is presented, if different.
4.    All anniversary certificates will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Iowa Museum Association, held in October annually, during the IMA Annual Conference.
a.    Registration is required to attend either the Annual Meeting Luncheon and/or the Annual Conference.
5.    At least one representative of the organization must be present at the IMA Annual Meeting Luncheon to receive the certificate.

Application Form
(Adobe PDF File)