Iowa Emerging Museum Professionals

Welcome to the Iowa Emerging Museum Professionals (EMP)!  The EMP group creates networking opportunities and provides information about workshops and classes to those new to the museum field.  Whether student, volunteer, or newly employed, if you are just starting out in museums or have only a few years’ experience and are looking for learning opportunities and ways to connect with more seasoned professionals, this is the group for you!

Laura Carpenter, Committee chair.  

Begun as a new initiative in 2016, the EMP group has a set of goals:
1)    Promote and teach best museum practices
2)    Fill gaps in museum studies programs
3)    Raise awareness of museum news and issues both locally and worldwide
4)    Connect emerging professionals with one another and with more experienced professionals

Connecting through this website (EMP Community), regular emails from the Iowa Museum Association (IMA), and meetings, members can exchange contact information as well as post questions, experiences at one’s institution, or news stories from museums around the world.  Those participating in the EMP group can find museums and other sites to become involved with, and can connect with staff and volunteers at those institutions to develop helpful professional relationships.  

Through the IMA and other resources, members will have access to workshops and classes that support best museum practices and that promote conversations about current trends and issues within the museum field.  Some of these opportunities may fill in gaps in some museum studies programs, or may simply provide additional information and training.  Information about internship and job opportunities can also be shared, and those EMPs looking for mentors can be paired with more experienced professionals through the IMA’s mentor program.  

As the EMP group develops, we will expand resources to include guidelines for how to look for internships, how to have a successful job interview, and other sources for learning some of the odds and ends that formal museum studies programs may not include in their curriculum.  Many of these resources will be posted on this website, and shared through emails and Facebook.

  Student membership in the Iowa Museum Association is only $20/year.  Or your Department may join IMA and through their membership cover all students in the Department. For more information on Departmental membership, contact

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Iowa Museum Emerging Professionals Special Interest Group (must be a member of the IMA to sign in and post and discuss).

We look forward to meeting you!

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