Why do we work in museums?

We believe Iowa museums are essential to their communities.  Museums are stewards of the art, culture, and history of Iowa.  They attract new industry and development to their communities.  They employ individuals and purchase goods and services.  They bring visitors to the community who shop, dine, and fill hotels and motels.

Museums employ individuals in a wide range of occupations and at every skill level.  Typical museum careers may include, but are not limited to: administration, registration and collection management, conservation, curation and exhibit planning and implementation, educational programming, community outreach events, marketing, gift shop management, fundraising, volunteer management, and advocacy.  Museum Career Resources

The Iowa Museum Association primarily posts jobs available in the state of Iowa or that can be done remotely from Iowa, however will accept job openings in adjacent states. There is no charge to IMA members to post job openings.  Non-IMA members must join IMA in order to submit their openings.  For membership fees, contact [email protected]

In the interests of transparency and to encourage equitable hiring practices as outlined by the American Alliance of Museums, IMA encourages any jobs posted in the IMA Career Center to include compensation information such as a salary or salary range.  Internships that are unpaid must include this fact in the listing.

To request a job posting contact the Iowa Museum Association.