Best Practices Series

A series of self-directed modules and scheduled meetings covering core industry topics

Offered by: The Iowa Museum Association (IMA)

Suitable for
: museums, genealogical libraries, historical societies, history associations, county conservation boards, library history rooms, community history centers, and other collecting institutions.   

: to enable organizations to progress toward best practices, grow in capacity to serve their communities as stewards, economic engines, and tourism attractions, and help ensure their sustainability.  

This series pivoted in 2020 to online modules and online meetings.   Modules present information, provide examples, and suggest homework. Group discussion online meetings will be scheduled periodically. The final module will include time for review, reflection, sharing of progress, and discussion of next steps.

The series may be completed over several weeks or months.  Modules build upon what has come before, so participation in the full series is encouraged.  Certificates will be awarded to those who complete the full series.

The IMA will contract with one organization (the “Series Host”) to provide access to the series for a flat fee of $5,000.00.   The “Series Host” may be a museum, county economic development group, tourism group, or other organization.  The “Series Host” typically obtains grant funding to pay for this workshop series, and makes the series available at no cost to participants.  

If in-person workshops are possible, the “Series Host” is responsible for working with the IMA to determine date, time, and place for each workshop; for reserving meeting space and paying any room rental; for providing snacks, beverages, and lunches as necessary, as well as any other incidental expenses relevant to the series.  The “Series Host” is responsible for determining who may attend the series and whether there is a registration fee, taking registration, and advertising the series.  The IMA reserves the right to reschedule any workshop in the event of inclement weather or illness.

For more information contact the Iowa Museum Association at or 319-239-2236.