Field Services & Mentoring Committee
The IMA Field Services & Mentoring Committee serves as the welcoming arm of the Iowa Museum Association for small museums, emerging professionals, volunteer leaders and others desiring assistance or advice in their museum work.  This committee will assist and mentor via phone conversations, e-mail, and/or site visits, encouraging membership in the Iowa Museum Association and building collegiality and connectivity statewide.   When called upon, committee members will determine the best way to serve the identified need, whether by providing advice, access to additional expertise, or assessing the situation and recommending a course of action.  In the event a site visit is necessary, it would be appreciated if the requesting museum will reimburse the mentor/advisor for their mileage.

1. We are happy to talk and email to mentor, no charge.
2. We are happy to come and talk to your board or staff and would appreciate it if you could cover gas, but if you can’t we still want to help.
3. We would appreciate it if you would acknowledge that the Iowa Museum Association provided this assistance by becoming/maintaining your membership and encouraging other small museums to be members.

Small Museum Convenings

September 25, 2017,  a Small Museum Convening at the Heartland Museum, Clarion, Iowa.  Forty-two small museum supporters and volunteers gathered for a full day of presentations, panel discussions, and open mic sharing.  

April 1, 2019, a Small Museum Convening was held at Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant.  

The next Small Museum Convening will be delayed until 2021 or 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  If you would like to host, please email