Planning to Reopen


Best Practices for Reopening Your Museum - Iowa Museum Association

Considerations for Museum Reopenings - American Alliance of Museums

High Touch Deep Clean Areas Identified for Museums - Oklahoma Museums Association infographic


Iowa Department of Public Health

CDC Cleaning Guidelines


Dexibit "Leading in Crisis: Survive then Thrive" Visitor Attractions Unite Responding to COVID-19 Whitepaper

Colleen Dilenschneider: Know Your Own Bone COVID-19 Updates
Colleen Dilenschneider: What will Make People Feel Safe Attending a Cultural Entity Again?

Best Practices for Cleaning Play and Learn Spaces

Membership & Development: How to Prepare for When Your Institution Reopens, is now available for on-demand viewing.   In this webinar, hear panelists Dana Hines of Membership Consultants and Bob Ramin of GG+A discuss topics for planning for future reopening of your organization.


CDC guide cleaning/disinfecting for the workplace:  

National Endowment for the Arts

SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management on Infectious Disease Policy


SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, says "Employers are legally liable for both employees and non-employees infected in the workplace.  Additionally, chronic disease carriers such as persons with tuberculosis are protected against employment discrimination by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is imperative to have a policy and actionable plan in place that considers legally protected employees under the ADA, privacy issues of infected employees, recognition of risk, and the reduction of employer liability and continuing operations.

Employers have five basic actions to take when there is a potential communicable disease risk in the workplace:

    Notification and verification of disease risk.
    Understanding the disease and culling resources.
    Identifying the scope of the risk.
    Determining employer response.
    Handling internal and HR compliance matters."

Read more here.

Caring for the Collection


Disinfecting artifacts: The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training is sharing information on disinfecting and sanitizing at historic sites, including tips for cleaning solutions and different surfaces. 

FAIC - Collections Care Amid COVID-19.

Security is extra important while the museum is shut down.  Make sure security cameras are in place, alarms turned on, and designated individuals are checking the premises regularly.

Monitor for water damage - broken or leaky pipes, windows, ground penetration - that could damage collections.

Pests proliferate when humans are not around.  Set traps and monitor carefully.

International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection: Sound Advice for Basic Security During Current Closures

August 2020 Survey Results
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May 22 Survey Results_1
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Survey Results

IMA will take snapshot surveys over the next few months to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Iowa's museums over time. 

The first survey was taken May 18-22, 2020 - see pdf.

The second survey was taken August 2020 - see pdf.

The third survey will be taken January 2021.

Products You May be Seeking

The Iowa Museum Association has no relationship with these businesses and only provides these as suggested sources for products potentially needed as museums reopen: - Protostudios Face Shield

McMaster Carr - hand sanitizer

Global Industrial - masks and face shields

Regal Plastics - customized sneeze guards - call 319-232-8757

Edwards Creative Acrylic Barriers - fully customizable.