Marketing Opportunities

DESIGNED FOR IMA MEMBERS - The Iowan magazine has opportunities for themed ad groupings for Iowa museums.  Contact for more information.

The Iowa Tourism Office has a co-op marketing program
Iowan magazine
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Tourism Facts

In a October 2015 the Iowa Tourism Office reported that over the past five years Iowa tourism has increased 5.94 percent, better than the national average.

Is your museum ready to welcome visitors?

Wayfinding signage in place?  Hours clearly posted? Grounds & sites manicured and well kept?  Volunteers and staff well trained in hospitality?  Are your exhibits fresh & up-to-date?  Is your story well told?

2012 Economic Impact Assessment of Travel on Iowa Counties, Travel Iowa says that "Domestic travelers spent a total of $7.6 billion in Iowa during 2012, a 5.6% increase from 2011. Iowa outpaced the nation’s domestic travel expenditures, which increased by 4.4%."

Top Interest Areas Travelers to Iowa Want to Visit
Historical Areas 71%
Scenic Byways 60%
National and State Parks 59%
Museums 46%
Events and Festivals  43%
Outdoor Recreation 42%

Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority, Pre-Trip Survey 2011,
2012 Tourism Facts
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Marketing Hints

If your organization only uses digital marketing, you may want to read 10 Killer Reasons Why You Should be Using Print

Always include contact information: telephone, address, website, e-mail

Partner on advertising for a bigger presence - talk to your Chamber, tourism, and other businesses in your community.

Take advantage of co-op opportunities - smaller ads cost less and when grouped with others with a similar message make a big impact.

Look for marketing grants - start with your local tourism folks

Recruit help with marketing so it gets done on a regular basis

Keep your website up to date and include it in all advertising

Get the word out through press releases, public service announcements, local TV bulletin boards

Learn to use social media - post events on the organization's Facebook page etc.

Look at outdoor signage with fresh eyes - is it easy to find your organization? (photo courtesy of the Story City Historical Society)