Teaching Iowa History Project: Products

Over three years, the Teaching Iowa History Project will produce the following products:

Database of Iowa historians, creating a broader Iowa humanities community
Virtual collection of primary sources and associated Iowa history content
Instructional resources including K-6 lesson plans, 7-12 text sets
Professional development template and training
Professional development training videos on teaching with primary sources
Classroom testing of instructional resources

Iowa Historians

117 Iowa historians responded to the survey.  A contact database has been developed, and these Iowa historians will serve as subject matter experts, called upon in multiple ways during the project.

Survey for Iowa history content and supporting primary sources

We are now collecting Iowa history stories from all four corners of Iowa - stories that are supported by primary sources (artifacts, documents, photographs) - stories that will be used as the basis for instructional resources for Iowa's teachers.  These instructional resources will be created by experts - the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa History Center at Simpson College.  When complete, they will be posted on multiple websites and available free for museum or classroom use.

This is an opportunity to raise awareness in classrooms statewide of the collections held in Iowa's museums and their importance to preserving the historical identity and fabric of our state.

We will collect stories and jpgs through January 2018You may email responses to Director@iowamuseums.org.   See one example of how to submit content - pdf below.  Please do not U.S. mail responses to the Iowa Museum Association as we need everything in electronic format for next  steps.

Example Template
(Adobe PDF File)