University of Iowa Museum Studies student intern Kristin Beisler, working with Faculty Advisor/Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Lung, has created an informational video about the Teaching Iowa History project.

To learn more about the Teaching Iowa History Project, click here.

Teaching Iowa History is raising awareness of the collections held in Iowa's museums and the importance of museums in preserving primary sources that inform the historical identity of Iowans, Iowa communities, and Iowa’s role in the nation and world by building a database of primary sources that may be used for education.

Teaching Iowa History provides an opportunity for pre-service teachers to create lesson plans aligned with the purple (History) strand of the new Iowa Social Studies Standards, to assist Iowa educators in meeting those new standards using primary sources, bringing Iowa’s museums and schools into closer alignment and partnership, highlighting the role of museums as K-12 educational partners and life-long active, choice learning environments.

Teaching Iowa History is creating accessible Iowa history resources.  Learn More: - Primary source database - Lesson plan & educator resources database

The new Iowa Social Studies Standards are posted here.

Teaching Iowa History Project Background

Building a community of practice around teaching Iowa history with primary sources held in public collections in support of Iowa Social Studies Standards.
New Iowa Social Studies Standards provide the opportunity to embed the teaching of Iowa history in grades K-12 for the first time in over a decade.  The Iowa Museum Association is working with partners statewide to provide Iowa history content and instructional resources to support Iowa's teachers in meeting the new standards.    For background on the need for this project, see the Iowa History Advisory Council report below.

Education is a core activity for all museums.  To meet identified educator needs and bring museum's into a closer working relationship with educators, the Iowa Museum Association applied for and received a National Endowment for the Humanities "Creating Humanities Communities" matching grant in the amount of $60,000 to support Teaching Iowa History

Teaching Iowa History will:

~identify a broad range of Iowa historians - local, academic, subject matter experts, and more, creating a database of experts to aid in the creation of instructional resources;
~curate a digital collection of Iowa history content and primary sources;
~create instructional resources for K-12 teachers;
~create a professional development template for teaching to the new standards;
~test and model both instructional resources and professional development.